An Ode to RBG Necklaces

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2020 was a difficult year. In memory of a hero lost, Lisa carved this intricate pattern of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's classic dissent collar and created pendants inscribed with quotes from this woman who was such a powerful advocate of equality. 

Lisa's fine silver clay pendants each begin as a linoleum carving.  Clay made from recycled silver particles is then pressed into Lisa's carvings to form the front of the piece. The reverse is inscribed with an inspirational quote, then fired in a kiln. The firing process burns away everything except the silver, leaving a 99.6% fine silver centerpiece.

Choose your favorite quote and sterling silver chain length.  Chains are sterling silver popcorn chain coated in Rhodium to prevent tarnish. Prices are dependent upon the silver weight of each pendant.

*Note" you must use the dropdown menu to choose your quote in order for the image in the window to match.

If you would prefer a different length chain, or different colored gemstone, please make a note in the box at checkout.  Chain lengths available: 16, 18, 20 or 22 inch.

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