Skiers Motto Necklaces

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In July of 2020 Lisa lost her beloved father to Covid-19.  Noble Ernest Dean was an adventurous, kind, funny, loving man who enjoyed the great outdoors and spent as much time as he could skiing, hiking, fishing and camping with his family. Lisa carved this design of a Noble Fir tree in his honor and inscribed the reverse with one of his favorite sayings, familiar to anyone who has ever spent time on the ski slopes: "Keep your tips up!" Other quotes have been added since that remind Lisa of her dad.

Lisa's fine silver clay pendants each begin as a linoleum carving.  Clay made from recycled silver particles is then pressed into Lisa's carvings to form the front of the piece. The reverse is inscribed with an inspirational quote, then fired in a kiln. The firing process burns away everything except the silver, leaving a 99.6% fine silver centerpiece.

Choose your favorite quote and sterling silver chain length.  Chains are sterling silver popcorn chain coated in Rhodium to prevent tarnish. Prices are dependent upon the silver weight and size of each pendant.

Each necklace comes with a tiny gemstone attached where the pendant meets the chain. If you would like a particular color stone, please make a note in the box at checkout.

If you would prefer a different length chain, make a note in the box at checkout.  Chain lengths available: 16, 18, 20 or 22 inch and 16-20 inch adjustable.

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